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Alan Gordon Studio LAUREN VELEZ

Lauren Velez...

Lauren Velez:
• Resurrection Boulevard
• The Vagina Monologues

Alan Gordon Studio SONJA SOHN

Sonja Sohn...

Sonja Sohn:
The Wire


Caitlin Mead, will be playing ‘Sun Li’ in Evan Kassof’s Ganymede 5 with the ENAensemble at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, September 19-21, 2019.

Caitlin Mead:
Cast as ‘Gianetta’ in Donizetti’s, “Elixir of Love” with the Front Royal Opera Outreach.
• Perfored in the Mile-Long Opera, a citywide public engagement project, on the High Line.
• Returned to her home state of Wisconsin to perform in the Madison New Music Festival.


Nicole Whitfield has been cast as juror number 12 in “12 Angry Women”, produced by The Alpha NYC Theatre Company, directed by Elizabeth Aquino and Adam Roebuck. August 17 at The Producers Club.

Nicole Whitfield:

Alan Gordon Studio ROMIE DECOSTA

Romie Decosta will be playing RAM DASS in the US premiere of A LITTLE PRINCESS at The Pershing Square Signature Center in August 2019.

Romie Decosta:
• Was cast as THE MAN in Sharr White’s, “The Other Place”, produced and directed by Michelle P. Orosz.


Sabrina Fara Tosti will be playing Adam/Phoebe in Hudson Shakespeare Company’s production of “As You Like it”, from June 4-June 29 in CT and NJ.

Sabrina Fara Tosti:
• Appeared in CHASING THE NEW WHITE WHALE at “La Mama"
• Appeared in the web series “Orange Aid” as the 'Palm Reader'. LINK FOR VIDEO

Alan Gordon StudioIVAN GORIS

Ivan Goris will be in 'The Junkies Stole The Clock' by Jesus Papoleto Melendez, Directed by Amneris Morales.

Ivan Goris:
• Appeared in the LATEA Theatre and Cielo Arts, Inc. presentation of Five Sessions, War In Therapy
• Had the principal role of “Lukas’ in THE ROUNDS, part of the Dream Up Festival.
• Booked a role on Madam Secretary as a "Federale"
• "Felipe" in "House Of Charity", directed by Andre F. Degas and presented by the Theater For The New City.
• Booked the role of "Cesar" in Netflix's "She's Gotta Have it" directed by Spike Lee.
• Was cast as "Raymond" in "The Get Down".
• Principal Role on "The Blacklist"
• Cast as "Rico" in the HBO series "Vinyl" (Executive Producers: Terrence Winter and MArtin Scorsese)

Alan Gordon StudioJAMES KACEY

James Kacey is in the best narrative short film at the Garden State Film Festival 'Missed' directed by Fokke Baarssen

James Kacey
• appeared in the LATEA Theatre and Cielo Arts, Inc. presentation of Five Sessions, War In Therapy 
• booked a recurring role as ‘Detective Rogers’ in the TV pilot SOBER.  James also booked a lead role as ‘Mickey’ in the TV comedy pilot PUZZLED, and another lead role in the short film MISSED. 
• was cast in the role of 'Peter' in the Susan Sarandon Movie 'Ace The Case".

Alan Gordon StudioNATHALIE DIAZ

Nathalie Diaz along with other students, she studies with Alan Gordon at the Alan Gordon Studio learning the Meisner Technique and working toward living truthfully within imagery circumstances!

Nathalie Diaz:

Alan Gordon StudioJOHN PETRIZZI

John Petrizzi has been cast as “Colonel Nello Ryser” in the full length feature film VALLE PARADISO, directed by Carlo Fusco, shooting in Rome this month.

John Petrizzi:
• Played the role of “Toro Anderson in the short film “Snowflake”
Booking a role in the off-off Broadway play "The Sketches Of New York", at The Producers Club.
'Mark Turner' in the indie film 'The closing Bell'.
• 'Michel Mizel' in the TV Show 'The Perfect Murder'
• 'The Investigation Channel'.

Alan Gordon StudioLOU MARTINI JR.

Lou Martini, Jr. has recently booked roles on The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, and The Blacklist. 

Lou Martini Jr.:
• Appeared in CRASHING on HBO in the role of ‘Gene’, and in SEVEN SECONDS as Atty. ‘Barry Plumetti’, on Netflix.
• Booked a recurring role as Det. McHale on the TV pilot SOBER. 
Named best actor in a leading role in The Manhattan Theatre Festival for his outstanding work in CENTENNIAL CASTING
Cast as a series regular in the TV pilot, SOBER
• Sneaky Pete (Opposite Giovanni Ribisi)
Nurse Jackie (SHOWTIME),
• Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)
• Oiled up TV (Opposite Eric Roberts indy film)
• Mysteries of Laura
• Show me a hero (NBC)
• Vinyl
• The Deuce (Oppositte James Franco)
• Played Albert Anastasia on The Making of the Mob for The History Channel


Alan Gordon Studio SAM MUNIZ

Sam Muniz was last seen as ‘Creon’ in “Medea” which was mounted at Columbia University. Prior to this show, he also conspired as the ‘1st Patrician’ in Caligula produced by the Medicine Show Theatre.

Sam Muniz:

Alan Gordon StudioDavid Heber

David Heber filmed a commercial: [LINK] Hoops (TV Commercial) - Aetna Medicare Solutions

David Heber:
booked a commercial for Bob’s Discount Furniture. 

Alan Gordon StudioMARISA KARCHIN

Marisa Karchin will be performing on October 9th, 8pm at the Weill Recital Hall in Carnegie Hall. Click HERE for Event information.

Marisa Kachin:
• Won the 2018 International Art Song Award Winner.
Played the role of ‘Female Narrator’ in Moto Osada’s “Four Nights Of Dream” at the Japan Society of NY and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan 

Alan Gordon Studio SAMI LAMINE

Sami Lamine, is appearing in a supporting role in BROKEN WINGS as ‘Mansour Bey Galib, directed by Bronagh Lagan, at the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London’s West End. 

Sami Lamine:

Alan Gordon Studio EMMY POTTER

Emmy Potter will be performing in the Dirty Blondes Theater Company's Play-in-a-Day Fest on Saturday, July 14th at 8pm at the Kraine Theater (85 E 4th St between Bowery & 2nd Ave). The annual festival brings together a group of actors, playwrights, and directors to conceive, write, rehearse, and perform seven short plays in just 24 hours, focusing on collaboration and working from gut instincts to produce the best work possible in a short amount of time.

Emmy Potter:

Alan Gordon Studio JEREMIAH JAHI

Jeremiah Jahi recently booked roles in the follow: Lead role in film The Girl With No Brain. A supporting role in the film Countless Sheep (fall 2018). Another supporting role in the film Still In The Fire (fall 2018). Continuing to work in another supporting role in the film Butt Boy (2019). Very happy to announce a lead role in the film Incomplete (2019). Excited to see him cast as Co-star on tv show The Other Side of The Wall on Telemundo (February 2018). And a very special guest star role (October 2018) on the TV show The Coroner on the Discovery Channel

Jeremiah Jahi:

Alan Gordon StudioDavid Heber

David Heber booked a commercial for Bob’s Discount Furniture. 

David Heber:

Alan Gordon StudioJESSE GRUBERG

Jesse Gruberg will be appearing in a new play, MORNING COFFEE, written by Jawanza Kari, at the Playroom Theater.

Jesse Gruberg:
Cast in a play. His hard work is paying off.

Alan Gordon StudioLORENZO SCOTT

Lorenzo Scott was cast on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" Episode: Chasing Demons. He plays a doctor arrested for sexually abusing his patients and is set free after Cassidy's testimony causes a mistrail.

Lorenzo Scott
• Was cast in the role of "Deli Man" in season 6 of "Girls".

Alan Gordon StudioHERBY WILLIAM

Herby William was cast as ‘Conductor’ in an upcoming episode of “Quantico”, directed by Rob Bowman

Herby William:


Annemarie Hagenaars booked a role in the SAG feature film The Artist's Wife starring Lena Olin and Bruce Dern. Directed by Tom Dolby. Annemarie also plays the title role in the short film Honeypot written and directed by Jill Greenberg. Honeypot can be viewed at LINK

Annemarie Hagenaars:
• Read two roles in Southampton Cultural Center staged reading of Robert Karmon's, "The Resettlement Of Isaac", directed by Robert Kalfin.
• Performed in the NYFA Thesis short film “Karma” as ANNA in a four day shoot.
• Adrianna/Hilde in CasablancaBox
• Pilgrim Woman in Mysteries At The Museum
• Different show at Radiotheatre NYC such as Edgar Allan Poe Festival, Ghosts of Christmas Past, H.P. Lovecraft Festival. 
• Susan The Actress in Tiny World
• Role of Nell in The Country House


Is on the Amazon Prime web series "The Ave" directed by Bobby Ashley and she will be in the role of Sonya (principle role). Recently she was on the ID Channel docu-series "Grave Mysteries" directored Jeremiah Kipp and was in the role of Lakeisha Clardy (principle role).

Roeshawn Hunter:


Has been cast as sideline reporter ‘Noah’ in “Hit The Floor.

Kristian Kordula:
• Was cast in the role of 'George Murchison' in The Ruskin Group's presentation of Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin In The Sun"


Was cast in the role of ‘Ethridge’ in “Happy Madison”, directed by Robert Smigel, due out in 2018 / booked a commercial for Ben Gay, currently streaming on Netflix / booked a principal role in “The Meyerowitz Stories”, starring Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Adam Sandler, and Ben Stiller.

Germar Gardner:
• Recurring role on Orange Is The New Black


Was cast in the lead role of ‘Conscious’ in the play of the same name by writer Kim Singleton

Livingston Steele:


Michael Barbieri is cast in a big Marvel movie next year, July in 'Spider-Man' He can be seen in Ira Sachs 'Little Men' and Teen Co-Lead signs with 3 Arts - Sundance : Exclusive: One young man's Sundance Film Festival is gaining some nice traction even before the film he's in opens. A day before Little Men makes its Park City Debut, co-lead Michael Barbieri has signed with 3 Arts Entertainment! : There is a wonderful review on 'Little Men' for your reading pleasure :

• Spider-Man : Homecoming review (Here)

Alan Gordon StudioJENNA DiMARTINI

Jenna DiMartini for her work in 'Who Am I' and her latest excerpt from a review as 'Girl' in the show found on the website; "The long raven haired, sleek and charismatic Jenna DiMartini is magnetic as the inner psyche of the transgender man. Ms. DiMartini's face and eyes are highly expressive and her performance is simultaneously fierce, comic and empathetic. The Dynamism of her physique and persona make it appear that she's about to play Lola in Damn Yankees, the title role in Sweet Charity or a number of the roles in Chicago. Clad in a taut black dress, DiMartini is like a sensual present day vision of Bob Fosse performer." Jenna, recently signed with Gersh Agency, and has a leading role in a New Media Webseries, as "Delilah" in 'The Circle'.


I had a wonderful private coaching session with Audrey Taylor Lane. She is warm, sensitive, open and hungry for knowledge. In the session, we worked on relationships, beats, stakes and of course on the importance of bringing all of yourself to the work. She came in smiling and she left smiling. And most importantly her audition went well.

Alan Gordon StudioJEANETTE FAYE

Jeanette Faye had a successful audition which resulted in a principal role on Blue Bloods. Another student whose hard work is paying off

Alan Gordon StudioARIELLE

Arielle was cast as Maggie Washbourn in the indie film The Washbourn Sisters, directed by Frances De Larmina.

Alan Gordon StudioLLOYD DAMIEN

Lloyd Damien Goodman sizzles and burns with passion in "Mandela"

Alan Gordon StudioJASON EVANS LEE

Jason Evans Lee, thanks for the set photo Jason! Filmed an ABC Show ‘What Would You Do’ Extremely glad his use of the technique helped him with both the audition and on the day of filming!

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